Lunch Ordering Instructions

1. You MUST have a lunch application submitted to our Main Office prior to placing any orders. If we have not received a lunch application from you, you will not be able to place any orders. If you are unsure whether you have submitted an application, you may call our Main Office to check at 951-266-0220. 

2. Set up an account at If you have an account from last year, you can skip this step. Please see the attached form for instructions and our school code.

3. If you believe your student may qualify for Free or Reduced price meals, you can call our Main Office and ask Mrs. Sam to check your student’s account. If your student does qualify for Free or Reduced price meals, you MUST still place an order for your student’s meals.

4. Place your orders at the Boonli website and provide payment (if your students is Full Pay status based on your lunch application). As a recommendation, you can order for the entire month at one time to avoid having to order every week. 

5. Make sure your complete the order by paying for the meals. This step is required even if your student is eligible for Free meals. The amount will show up as $0.00, but you must still click to pay to finalize your order.